Brand Strategy Course

Does Your Brand Attract Your Target Customers?

Take Your Brand From Blah To Bam 

If taking your passion and creating a profitable, evergreen business is your dream or your current brand needs a make-over. This course was created for you.  

Enroll today to soar above your compeition and start attacting your target customers. 

If any of the options below resemble YOU... you're in the right place!

  • If you have a desire and motivation to start a company 
  • Entrepreneur's who have a business but doesn't feel that their brand stands out from the compeition
  • Launched your brand but not seeing organic growth 
  • Failed product launch(es)

What Will You Learn? 

This step-by-step course will define your Brand Strategy for long term success. While going through the course you will know exactly your brands:

  • Defined niche market to dominate market share
  • Create brand messaging that connects with your target customers resulting in higher sales $$
  • Unique branded customer experience 
  • Launch market demanded products 

Need A Cutting-Edge Advantage Over Your Competition!

Without giving it all away at once, this course will cover the following topics to help you take over market share and start connecting with your customers. Ultimately making more revenue for your business!

Brand Vision

Create a unique brand vision that will encompass your entire company. 


Establish your specific niche market & customer base to yield higher Marketing ROI. 


Pinpoint your customers needs to launch market demanded products.


Identify what kind of style and tone will work best for your target audience.

Jessica M Potts, Brand & Marketing Strategist  

Jessica has worked as a brand and marketing strategist for over 15 years with several Fortune 100 companies. In 2015 Jessica took the leap and created her own agency to help small to mid-size companies create brand and marketing strategies with high dollar returns. 

After launching Brand X Consultants, Jessica soon saw a pattern. Entrepreneurs desired to grow their business through marketing but they did not have well defined brands. 

The missing pieces were often: no defined market, no idea who their target customers were and what those customers needs were, and their brand messaging wasn’t consistent or geared to helping their customers.  

Jessica set out to create The Defined Brand, a free 7 day course to help entrepreneurs create profitable, evergreen business’s that have a competitive advantage over their competition.